Fish and frog leather! 

Yes, these are the main raw material of  h e l i c o n i a  production.  

h e l i c o n i a products are 100% hand made in Brazil. Fish and frog leathers are naturally durable products that benefit from simple care. Use and disclosure! 

Keeping it: leather from frog and fish have a peculiar and delicate texture and surface and therefore need care for their durability and beauty. All our products come with a special waterproof spray for leather and suede that protects against splashes and surface dirt. This spray can be reapplied whenever you want. 

Cleaning: wipe with a dry soft brush before storing; this will protect your piece of accumulating dirt. When dirty, moisten a soft cloth with neutral (or coconut) detergent and rub gently across the surface of the piece making sure the dirt is coming out. Remove the foam and pass a loofah as many times as necessary. Some colors may drop a little paint in the process. Do not place the piece in running water. Dry it in the shade until completely dry. Never store leather in sealed plastic bags. Keep your product always ventilated and free from moisture. 

If you prefer, you can waterproof it after cleaning with the specific waterproofing spray for leather and suedes: Novax - protetor impermeabilizante