Fish and frog leather acessories

h e l i c o n i a  is a 100% Brazilian company specialized in shoes and accessories made from exotic tilapia and frog leather. The brand name pays homage to the backyard flower in the farmhouse where our studio is installed in Pindorama, São Paulo. It's there, surrounded by the quiet and countrified farm routine, alongside sheeps, chickens and guava-trees, that our inspiration is aroused to create authentic, timeless handmade pieces, using natural materials.

The leather we use in our products come from a fully handmade process, with high standards that garante the quality of finishing. While the traditional tanning uses chromium or other metal salts, our leather is tanned exclusively with plant extract from the bark of some trees, such as the acacia. 

We create scarpins, sneakers, clutches, handbags and accessories, all handcrafted in small batches, what makes each piece unique.

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